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March-April 2023 Menu

Menu is inspired by the season. Featuring a twist in a couple of recipes from the south and Mediterranean Spain

Fennel, orange, olives

wine: Verdejo

Sheep cheese, artichokes

Scallops carpacho

wine: Rioja Blanco

wine truffle vinaigrette

Smoked duck

wine: Monastrel

pear, avocado, sweet potato



wine: Tempranillo Reserva – Toro

Strip loin, Bearnaise, celery-parsnip-fennel

Fish of the day

wine: Albarino

Bearnaise, celery-parsnip-fennel


Marquesa de chocolate

wine: Oporto

creme fraiche, cacao and coffee beans

Menu: $220/person | $45 wine pairing

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