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Cod cooked en papillote as example of a light dish for summer.

July 13th – 20th tasting menu

This is a 4 Рcourse light patio menu ideal for this summer. Full of flavours but simple at the end. Just for cooling down even in the hottest days of July. Fish and vegetables based courses with playful flavours. The dishes are paired with some delicious Catalan wine options: garnacha blanca (grenache blanc) or a ros̩ Cava. Finishing the savoury dishes with a fresh fig, goat cheese and seeds nougatine dessert.


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Good food and good wine, sustainability, Terroir, flavour first, organic, simplicity
  • Our flavours from our roots and our passion (Spanish – french – Latin), our cooking from anywhere
  • Seasonal and locally sourced ingredients
  • Zero Waste
  • We choose to go organic because it is worth it
  • Simpler is better

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