Private Chef and dinning room

The best spanish restaurant in Toronto

Multicourse dinner, cocktails, wine pairing

Tapas, cocktail/wine parties

Our staff will take care of everything.

In the restaurant

El Tenedor is the perfect setting for a exclusive business dinner or an intimate private event. We provide a chef table experience for small groups (4 – 10 guests), an ideally intimate space for associates meeting, a family gathering, or a small special event, then El Tenedor could be the perfect venue for you.

If you decide to bring your own wine a single $25 corkage fee is charged for the evening

Private chef services

We feel that food experiences shouldn’t be limited to the restaurant environment. Also, your home is that special space where many of the best memories happen.

Our private chef service is the opportunity to pamper yourselves with a memorable food experience in the convenience of your house or your office, with the people you love, your associates and friends.

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