Private Chef Services

About the chef

Hi, I’m Cesar, the Cook at el Tenedor. I was born in Venezuela from Spanish immigrants roots. I have a software, IT and Finance previous life and I became a full-time chef in 2014.

Definitely I consider myself a disciple of the French, Basque and Catalan gastronomy through training in Donostia – San Sebastian Barcelona and Madrid. My obsession is food, modernist cuisine, and the properties and the possibilities of the products. Food is a canvas to be creative and technique is just a medium to achieve the end, which is good food (there is only two types of food: the one that tastes good and the one that tastes bad).

Private Chef to go

Since the beginnings of my cooking enterprise, I felt that food experiences shouldn’t be limited to the restaurant environment and our home was that special space where many of the best memories in our lives happens.

Chef to go is the opportunity we found to share with you what we do the best, our restaurant experience. So, why not to pamper ourselves with a memorable food experience in the convenience of our house, with the people we love, our associates and friends.

Private dining room

El Tenedor is the perfect setting for a business dinner or a private event. We provide a chef table experience for small groups, an ideally intimate space for associates meeting, a family gathering, or a small special event, then El Tenedor could be the perfect venue for you.

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