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October featured menu

Sourdough bread and fats

Chestnut Chartreuse soup 

Melon, fresh herbs (thyme, parsley,marjoram, chives), Serrano ham

Pumpkin canelon, truffle

Main courses:

Pescatarian option: Black cod Miso Amontillado, puy lentils

Carnivore option: Lamb chops, sweet potato, peas-mint-tarragon

Chocolate truffles

Carnivore / pescatarian menu: $100/person | $50 wine pairing

4 course vegetarian option available: $90/person | $50 wine pairing

News & Announcements Tasting Menu

September featured menu

Sourdough bread and fats

Mushrooms Velouté

Served with mushrooms crostini. 

Wine: Jeréz Amontillado

Vegetables and vinaigrette

Carrot, radishes, sheep milk yogurt and dill vinaigrette.

Wine: Dry Riesling

Gambas al Cava

Shrimps, cava, confit garlic, tamarind

Wine: Cava

Pescatarian option: Lobster

Citrus Bearnaise, seasonal vegetables.

Carnivore option: Roasted duck breast

Orange sauce, cauliflower purée

Wine: Rioja Crianza | Rioja Blanco (viura)

Spicy pears

Creme anglaise, olive oil cracker

Wine: Noble late harvest

News & Announcements Tasting Menu

August featured menu

Featured menu


Sourdough bread and fats

Cuinat crujiente

Swiss chard, spinach, chevré appetizer. This is a traditional eastern dish from Ibiza made of wild plants and broad beans (Colleja and armorta). 

Wine: Picpoul de Pinet

Celery root steak

Braised celery root, pommes aligot, mushroom escabeche, demi-glace

Wine: Syrah Rosado – organic


Lentils, romesco sauce (peppers and almonds), cherry tomato

Wine: Gamay noir

Pescatarian option: Langostinos a la sal

Langoustines cooked in a hot salt-rosemary-lemon bed. Finished with its jus

Wine: Orange wine

Beet forest

Chocolate ganache, beets, strawberry, kirsh

Wine: Pedro Ximenez

4 course (Vegetarian or pescatarian) $85/person | $50 wine pairing

Full menu $100/person | $60 wine pairing