September featured menu

Sourdough bread and fats

Mushrooms Velouté

Served with mushrooms crostini. 

Wine: Jeréz Amontillado

Vegetables and vinaigrette

Carrot, radishes, sheep milk yogurt and dill vinaigrette.

Wine: Dry Riesling

Gambas al Cava

Shrimps, cava, confit garlic, tamarind

Wine: Cava

Pescatarian option: Lobster

Citrus Bearnaise, seasonal vegetables.

Carnivore option: Roasted duck breast

Orange sauce, cauliflower purée

Wine: Rioja Crianza | Rioja Blanco (viura)

Spicy pears

Creme anglaise, olive oil cracker

Wine: Noble late harvest


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  1. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday at 6:30 or 7 pm. Thanks Ceasar.