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Summer – July 29 menu

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Coca de recapte

flat bread with roasted vegetables and sheep cheese

Cantaloupe and asparagus gazpacho

cold Andalusian soup

Celeriac steak, pommes aligot, mushrooms escabeche, vegetables demi-glace

Watermelon carpaccio

Menu $85 person / Wine pairing $50

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Summer – July 07 menu

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Tasting menu

Cuinat crujiente mille feuille РSwiss chard, spinach, chevr̩ appetizer

Cuinat is a traditional eastern dish from Ibiza made of wild plants and broad beans (Colleja and armorta). This dish is an interpretation of this classic stew made with vegetables and legumes.

Cantaloupe and asparagus gazpacho spanish summer soup

Watermelon carpaccio

Main options (choose one)

Chuck boneless short ribs

Orzo cremoso de bogavante

Zucchini, celeriac, beans cannelloni

Menu $85 person / Wine pairing $50

News & Announcements Tasting Menu

Fall-winter tasting menu in a private dining room

Tasting menu

Radishes (parsnip, turnip, daikon) with sheep yogurt vinaigrette

Beet-mango tartare, horseradish soubise, Japanese jam

Scallop carpaccio

Duck fat poached lobster, butter-poached celeriac, granola

Cod Vizcaina en papillote

White chocolate – pumpkin ganache, berries

Menu $85 person / Wine pairing $50

Tasting Menu

Summer: July 2020 tasting menu

For this summer 2020 tasting menu at El Tenedor Restaurant we want to embrace the time and the vegetables of the season that Ontario has to offer, we want you to enjoy of a light and simple menu; flavourful and fun.

This tasting menu starts with a little variation of the Spanish classic “ensaladilla rusa” (a.k.a russian salad, a.k.a Ensaladilla Olivier thanks to its inventor Lucien Olivier, a Russian chef who created this salad in his Moscow restaurant Hermitage around 1860; and yes is a typical spanish dish).

Second, a vegetable dish with golden beets poached in butter, served with goat cheese and boquerones in vinegar.

Third, a sour cheesecake with asparagus and smoked salmon

Finally, a sustainably catch of Fogo island cod ” in the french classic “en papillote”.

Miso cured egg yolk salad and radish cones

Golden beets, goat cheese, marinated anchovies

Asparagus cheesecake and pickles, smoked salmon, salmon glaze

Fish and vegetables en papillote

menu $75/person, Bottle of wine paired $45